Miss Ingrid and Carmen been Very supportive throughout the year of my class. I have learned so much in my classes with Carmen. She paces the class just right so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. In many other Colleges they would read from a text book but at PDS, particularly at her classes, Carmen asks questions and gets the students to respond which is both fun and promotes faster learning. She is patient and eager to help. I’m thrilled to have found her. And I highly recommend PDS College.
Swati Patel

I want to thank PDS College for all support I have received all the time I needed.
I have recently graduated from the Dental Practice Management course, plus a few years ago, I’ve got my dental nursing degree! ❤️
Why did I choose this college the 2nd time t? Because of the great high skilled tutors they have and a lovely director, Ingrid!
All times when I had an issue with my assignments or something was not clear, my tutors were happy to explain, in order for me to get a good understanding of the subject and be able to apply what I have learned.
For sure, I will search for more courses to enroll within PDSC!! ❤️
Ligia Andreea Miculita

Professional Dental Studies I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience during my Dental Practice Management course with you. Ingrid , the Head of the College, is very professional and helpful. You were very supportive from the very start of my course. My tutor, Carmen, huge thank you for your prompt responses to my questions and for the help during my case studies, even on weekends. 
Thank you again and will highly recommend you to all my friends. 😍
Inga Stankeviciene

Highly recommend the OHE(Oral Health Education) course at PDS College. The tutor, Florentina, was really helpful and nice when explaining everything I needed. The Course Provider always helps when needed. Thanks for everything.

PengPeng Guo

I highly recommend Professional Dental Studies College. Fantastic experience. Great tutor, always ready to help. Thanks to all for your help!

Joanna Szafraniec

Professional Dental Studies College, thank you for your professionalism and trust
which proved to you throughout the course. Thanks also for the full ROE support; Both Ingrid and Olga were very good tutors, close to the students, I have nothing to comment on in the face of college. Note 10 with congratulations.
You are the perfect team that anyone can rely on. Thank you!

Ana Antoce

I would like to thank all of you from PDSC, Olga ( fabulous teacher), Ingrid
( your support was amazing), Carmen..just a few hours with you for the preparation of the exams but really helpful one!
I highly recommend Professional Dental Studies College, thank you all for this experience!

Marius Campeanu

Thank you for all your continuous support and help throughout this year. It’s been really great !

Ines Gubert

I would like to thank this amazing team for all the support throughout this last year. Amazing tutors, supportive, professional, and very well prepared.
If you want a career in dental nursing, this is a perfect place to start as they will help you to get in love with your profession!
Paula Braileanu

I strongly recommend enrolling to Professional Dental College for any course not just the Dental nursing course, as the principal and teachers are lovely persons, very helpful with everything. My teacher Olia was amazing, she knew how to explain the topics so all of us could understand and the ROE project wasn’t so difficult with her indications and help. Thank you.

Oana Pandelea

Thank you so much Ingrid and everyone at PDS ! 🙂 ! Appreciate it all !

Tamkine Hederzada

I highly recommend PDSC college for anyone who wants to become a dental nurse. I received a lot of support from the college during the whole course.
I am so happy I was studying at PDSC as I just pass my exam from the first attempt.
Don’t look further, just choose PDSC and you will find a friendly team ready to help you at any time.
Thank’s Ingrid,Olga (which was a great teacher), Carmen and all the team for preparing me for my exams.
They provide you with a lot of learning resources and the lessons they make them so easy to understand.
Thank’s again for all your help!!!
Aurica Hirb

I would like to say huge thank u💕I passed my NEBDN exam so Im really happy and i would like say thank u teacher Olga, Boss Ingrid and rest team college as well. I really recommend that college and I can just say if u thinking about your future just do it!!!Good luck dental nurses!!!!🥳💕🙏🏼

Anna Wulkiewicz

Best team ever at this college ! You get support and they provide you with everything you need to pass your exams !
I’m very happy that I have started my course here ! Thank you for everything !
Raluca Cornita

Thank you for your hard work in supporting us during the whole year,I highly recommend PDS College !!!all the best

Elena Uta

I highly recommend PDSC to all the students who are considering to start their career as a dental nurse.
All the team is very friendly, helpful and supportive.
Ramona Florea

I finished the course this year, and it was a really good experience, I am glad that I chose PDS college. A big thank you for the tutor, she did a great job with us, good teaching material, really helpful throughout the course, the Roe. The whole team is great and they are there for you to help! I would highly recommend this college if you want to become a dental nurse!!! You won’t regret it!

Evelin Szakacs

I highly recommend this school that offers opportunities in the career of dental nurse. The course is not easy but with a lot work you can get results.

Raluca Condrat

I recommend PDSC to all students, this school offers the best support all time.
Thank you!

Lihet Andrea Melania

This school offers students the best educational support from the time of enrollment to the preparation of students for the exam, they have very good teaching materials and support a lot of students for the final exam. Olga is an excellent teacher, teaches lessons very well and understandable to all .I highly recommend this school.

Corina Osan Grigore

I strongly recommend PDSC to all students who are ready to start their career as a dental nurse. Ingrid she’s very good and understanding,experienced and helpful,she help me with my study, practicals, and ROE.
I am really thankful for my college and my tutor for my success.

Mirela Zanfir

I am currently doing the Radiography course and just finished my impression taking course. Absolutely love it! Will definitely recommend to everyone. I love the style of the teaching which is very clear and understandable and this 24/7 support from Ingrid is just unbelievable!

Aleksandra Sparane

One of the best college ever! I have done with PDS Nursing,Radiography and Impression taking course. A lot of support for ROE,ROC from the tutors and Ingrid.I highly recommend Professional Dental Studies College! If I want to go for more studies,PDS it’s the first option. Thank you for everything Ingrid and all the tutors! You are the best!

Lavinia Anghelin

I will recommend RDS College. I have just finished my Radiology course. I really appreciate their support and professionalism through out the course. I am grateful to the tutor Ioana who has worked extra time and prompt on replying any queries and providing additional information to support our portfolio. I would like to say thank you for the support from Ingrid (principle) and the college.

Veheesan Thillainathar

I highly recommend PDS College. Very helpful and supportive throughout the Course. I studied Radiography & Radiology. I am so happy, now I am a Qualified Dental Radiographer 🌹👩‍🎓🦷. Many thanks to Ingrid (Course Provider), she was great, always there to help her students and I appreciate this, because it did helped me a lot. Thank you Ioana (Teacher), for your time and for all the lessons. You’ve been kind and it was always a pleasure to attend the Courses. Thanks again !!!

Ally Ally

I transferred to PDS from another college.
Ingrid was very sweet and helpful. After going through my paperwork she explained everything I needed to know and I was ready to attend the revision/mock classes, where I met Ioana.
They are both very professional and highly skilled, always there to help.
The material I was sent to aid my studies was well written and very detailed.

With their support, I successfully qualified as a radiographer.

I’d definitely recommend PDS college, as they’re always there for their students, should they need help with anything. One of the best colleges, so thank you PDS!🤩

Andie Simonova

I highly recommend PDS Collage! Thank you for all your support ! Very nice and friendly staff, always ready to help! So thank you PDS College to helping me with everything!

Žyginta Matevičiūtė

I highly recommend PDSC to all the students who are considering to start their career as a dental nurse.
All the team is very friendly, helpful and supportive.
If you need support with the ROE everyone is trying to help you, great college, great tutor. It was a pleasure to study with you guys, Thank you Ingrid for all you support.📖

Erika Demeter

I recommend PDSC! Lots of support for ROE from the teacher and principal. Carmen is one of the best teacher that I ever met. She’s ready to help everyone with everything.

Maria Raluca

I highly recommend this college PDSC!!! A place where you always find help,support,a dedicated teacher like Olga.
A big thank you for times you helped me when I needed it. I had necessary support to write and finish my ROE work successfully.
I am now qualified as a dental nurse, surely there will be many open doors to a successful future.
START a new stage in your life today for a successful day tomorrow!!!

Alina Negrescu

This is a really good college! Here I found a great and dedicated tutor, Carmen, who helped me throughout the course and a principal ready to listen to your concerns. Thank you both, for helping me and my colleagues to get qualified!

Alina Mununar

Olga is a brilliant tutor ,always putting 100% into lessons to ensure that her pupils are engaged from start to finish and understanding the content.Nothing is too much trouble for PDS College when it comes to helping their pupils succeed.Highly recomend Professional Dental Studies College! Thank you for everything!

Florentina Pantiru

One of the best school ever! A lot of support for ROE from the teacher and principal. I have to say that Olga is one of the best teacher that I ever met.I highly recommend Professional Dental Studies College! Thank you for everything!

Stela Cristi

Highly recommended,The facilities over here are really talented, supportive, motivating and very friendly. This college has its unique way of updating students for their incredible growth. Also, supports student to motivate their interest making them successful in what they’re doing. I feel glad to become a part of this wonderful PDSC

Gharti Mira

Helpful and supportive staff, I appreciate all the help I got. Thanks a lot.

Surmaya Gurung

Highly recommended, i have studied radiography course, Ingrid is really helpful and the teacher Ioana is very kind, she explains properly. Very friendly environment as well. Thank you both.

Mimik Rai Lama

Highly recommendation for impression course. Tutor very helpful, and i appreciate tutor explain everything very clearly

Paige Guo

I highly recommend this college. The best school to study at. The tutor is highly skilled in radiography. I received all the support from the tutor and from Ingrid. You will never leave a class without not understanding fully the lectures. The tutor even came with different x-ray holders and taught us how to mount the film.
Thank you Mrs Ioana for being my tutor!

Izabella Grigore

I recommend PDSC 100% !!! for their professionalism and quality of the teaching. Very helpful and friendly staff. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
The PDSC is a great opportunity for everyone willing to become a professional dental nurse!

Cristi Maria Paul

I highly recommended the PDS college, they are professional and helpful, they helped us finish the record of experience “EROE” on time and gave us good instructions which was very helpful to pass the exam, the teacher’s were friendly and willing to help, if you want to pass the exam and be a qualified nurse do not hesitate to study at PDS college.

Bertha Adly

I highly recommended PPSC for their professionalism, exellent tutors,well done organised and really helpful and friendly staff.I appreciate the support and well done teaching that I received from my tutor,Olga ,durring the class, Roe and exam preparation.
Thank you PDSC!

Alina Trinc

I highly recommend PDSC,excellent teachers and team,well done organised,very helpful and implicate they put a lot of effort in everything ROE,presentation and preparation for the exams,the best College and team! I highly recommend 100%🔝

Simina Alexa Andreica

I highly recommend PDSC for the quality of the teaching combined with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. My tutor ,Olga, is a vastly knowledgeable person and I really appreciate all her support in completing the ROE.👍☺️

Luminita Nicoleta

I highly recommend PDSC !! The staff is very friendly and supportive with all students , in all aspects . This college is a great opportunity for everyone willing to become a dental nurse !😊

Matyas Edina

I highly recommend PDS College for all students who are ready to start their career as a dental nurse. The course is structured so that you are still able to work, complete the ROE and be prepared for the exam. Excellent teachers and great education. All the staff is very good, experienced and helpful. Thank you PDS College for this amazing experience!

Oana Ungureanu

Great support, small groups and lots of additional material given to ensure the students are ready to pass the exam.

Елица Вълчева-Цветкова Elitsa Tsvetkova

I highly recommend PDSC to all the students who are considering to start their career as a dental nurse.
All the team is very friendly, helpful and supportive.
My tutor, Olga, puts a lot of effort during the classes to make sure we understand everything. You can see that she does it with pleasure. Also she is very, very helpful and supportive with completing the ROE.

Flavia Tuser

The teachers are very helpful and friendly. The exam preparation is really good and the teachers put in a lot of effort into each student. Highly recommend!

Ramadan Kareem

I highly recommend PDSC , the teachers are amazing ready to help at any time the exam preparation is very good they put a lot of effort in the way that everyone understands and all students to be ready for exam and pass, so i believe that is the best College , and if I should do it again I will choose PDSC .I was absolutely happy with the College all the team is very friendly and they work in team which is amazing . One more think that I like it is that even your English language is not perfect don’t worry they will make sure that you understand and will support you. if you want to be a qualified dental nurse don’t wait to much this is the right College for you and you will be qualified dental nurse . So I give PDSC ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Flori Pastor

I strongly recommend PDSC to all students who are ready to start their career as a dental nurse. All the tutors and college staff are very good, experienced and helpful, they helped me with my study, practicals, and ROE. My tutor helped me to understand all the chapters very well, plus she encouraged me all the time. My tutor made my study very easy for me.
I am really thankful for my college and my tutor for my success.

Shivani Bhatt

I highly recommend PDSC college for people that want to become a dental nurse. I’ve previously been with a different college and it does not compare to PDSC. The lecturers are really good at their jobs, explaining very well and preparing us for the exams.

It’s one of the few colleges that actually prepares you for the OSCE examination.

I really do recommend this college.


Camelia Vizitiu

If you are planning to take post registration course , that’s the place to choose!!!
Very professional staff, doing their best to help you in every single step.
Highly recommend!!!

Dalia Dziaugiene

I did the radiography course , the teacher are so helpful , have a lot of experience in teaching , I enjoy a lot the lecture was so beneficial for me , I did my roc and and the tutor support me and Ingrid a lot during the course I really recommend this college .

Leen Jojo Abou-Arkoub

I am just about to finish, but this is the right place to do your course!

Mariya Nikolova

I’ve just finished the dental management course with PDS College. If you are looking to expand your knowledge in the dental practice this is a great course to start with. My tutor Carmen has supported me throughout. I will definitely recommend PDS College

Elena Avntouli