This tutorial will help you access your user account and the resources available for your course.

On this page:

1. How to access the login page
2. How to login to your account
3. How to access your course page
4. How to access the resources for your course
5. How to contact your tutor.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Press the Login button from the right side of top menu or click the following link:

2. Enter the username and password you set when you created your account, or the ones provided by our administrator. Then press Login button.

3. From the top menu, under Dental qualifications, access the course page you need.

4. Here you can access the Course Modules & Assessments, Extra resources and Video Tutorials for that course.

5. If you have any questions for your tutor, you can send him an email from the Contact tutor tab.